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Kamtrax Vertical & Horizontal
Camera Slider

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Vertical, Diagonal and Horizontal Camera Slider with fingertip control.


Kamtrax provides weightless and ultra-smooth vertical camera movement via sealed ball-bearing wheels running along a stainless steel track. To render the camera weightless, the same amount of weight in small barbell disks are attached to the other side of the continuous cable. The camera can then be raised or lowered using the power of a single finger, and the camera can be positioned at any point up or down the track without being locked off. Kamtrax can be mounted to a tripod or stand vertical with support brackets. The bottom of the track features a heavy-duty ball-bearing ring which allows the track to pivot around endlessly.

Alternatively, using Kamtrax Horizontal Kit, the track can be oriented horizontally in minutes to provide a side-to-side slider with the same smooth travel. Angular travel can also be achieved through an Diagonal Slider Kit.

The camera platform can swing down 90 degrees and be locked off at any point in between for a Dutch tilt. The camera package can be mounted directly to the camera platform via 3/8 or 1/4 threaded bolt, or with a pan and tilt head between camera and platform to provide pan and tilt control.


Camera operators can view camera video output via a flat-panel monitor mounted to the Kamtrax by an optional bracket.

36" Model Specifications

Length of travel: 36" (0.9m)

Overall Length: 44" (1.1m)

Weight: 20lbs

Load Capacity: 30lbs

Mounts: 100mm ball (bearing), 100mm ball (fixed), Mitchell plate, 75mm ball

72" Model Specifications

Length of travel: 72" (0.9m)

Overall Length: 82" (1.1m)

Weight: 30lbs

Load Capacity: 30lbs

Mounts: 100mm ball (bearing), 100mm ball (fixed), Mitchell plate, 75mm ball

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