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C.A.M.S. Computer Aided Movie System

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The new revolutionary digital remote head.


C.A.M.S. is a remote head system which allows a cameraperson to operate a camera from a distance with totally fluid digitally controlled movement.

The system is easy to operate and requires no special skills to achieve fluid pan & tilt movements.

The C.A.M.S. system is fully digital and uses an encoded Cartoni head.

The monitor roll feature allows the operator to keep the subject centered while the camera is rolling.

The slave head duplicates movements of the master head while carrying industry standard film and video cameras.

The C.A.M.S. system supports up to 6 Axes of movement including Pan, Tilt, Roll, Focus, Aperature and Zoom.

Key Specifications

Weight: 50 lbs.

Control Distance: 5 Feet to 100 Feet

Pan Range: 360°

Tilt Range: 360°

Rotation Range: 360°

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